Player Features


Two players show you the track that is played, time remaining and the details of the track like Dance, Beats and Bars. The automatic crossfader mixes the music seamless when switching from track to track. A slide provides you the possibility to skip to the part of the music you need. A Hard stop or a fade out of the music gives you the opportunity to intervene and lecture your students.

Speed Control

All music is noted in Beats and Bars per minute, by using the Speed Control it can be adjusted to your needs. Using the slide you can adjust it quickly and more precise by using the buttons.  It resets on load, but can be maintained easily. A teacher’s essential tool.

Remote Control

By using your remote control on your smartphone you can stay on the floor with your students and improve your service. The Teacher can stop/pause or play the next track. Selecting a playlist from your phone is done in seconds. A teacher can prepare the lesson at home, by making playlists via the remote app.

Playlist Wizard

The Playlist wizard helps you to create a nice playlist within seconds. Select the parameters of the group that is in front of you: Dance style, Dance, Music Era (Classics 50’s to 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or Now 2000 and up) , Genre, Music type (originals or strict tempo), even language is possible. It makes sure you always have the right music ready.

Drag & Drop

By Drag & Drop you can easily select a playlist from the categories and drag & drop it into the Current Playlist or Search list area. Want to put a track ready for playing? Just drag & drop it. Your search result can be dragged and dropped into the current playlist.


It goes without saying that  you can compile and add your own playlists , but M4D also organized all the dance tracks are conveniently in playlists; categories: by dance, by theme, by popularity or per region. Even by dance teachers organization. All is already arranged for you. Playlists are automatically updated every month with the latest or most popular tracks.

Current Playlist

It’s the tracklist that will play on the players in the order you see. By using the sorting possibilities you can adjust the sequence. Compiling your own playlist with tracks you have selected from the search area or adjusting an existing playlist, it can be saved here.

My playlists

Create your own playlist, find the play list you created on the remote app or adjust, rename, delete or protect your list here. Organize your playlists by adding a group or extra layer in the structure of the playlists. Publish or share your playlist here with other users.


Found a nice playlist? A fast link to this playlist is made by adding this to your favourites. The premade playlists keep you updated on the latest releases and the most popular tracks, follow the changes in the playlist by adding this playlist to your favourites.


Searching a track by title or artist in the database or searching a track in an existing playlist it can be done here. A search result can be refined by using the sorting possibilities like BPM, Dance, Title, artist or popularity. Still did not find what you were looking for, just drop us an e-mail at .


More detailed settings for the player, adding a remote app to your player or finding the terms of using the player, you can find it here. An overview of operations, login and system info are located at the menu.