Music Selections

Many Dance studios are only using original pop chart music, famous evergreens or only play strict tempo music. All these music types and many more are available to you with Music4.Dance! Our team of DJ’s and dance instructors search for the nicest dance music, originals or strict dance tempo tracks. We dig in the archives, for you, to find those special evergreens everybody remembers. Plus the charts from the UK, Germany, USA, Belgium and the Netherlands are monitored continuously for the latest tracks, saving you precious time!

New tracks added weekly

New tracks are added weekly, and you can help us too; the more people searching and requesting tracks, the faster and more complete the collection will become. Your suggestions are very welcome!

Send your suggestion to . You can use Shazam or SoundHound and send us the result.


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  • No more buying music
  • Weekly new tracks added
  • Always up to date with the music
  • Music administration is done
  • Dancers 4 dancers; Requests help to grow the collection