Music4.Dance USP's is a commercially usable streaming music service for dance and fitness studios (B2B). The program can be downloaded from this website and is a Windows based program that has to be installed on a computer/ laptop connected to the sound system of the room where the lessons are given. Your smartphone can be connected so that you can control the system remotely (remote control). You can also create playlists via your smartphone. The system can be installed on a touch screen, which makes it easier to use. Due to a specialist arrangement of the music and a special Player, this system is extremely suitable for use in dance studios.


These are the USP's

  1. The largest dance music collection always available (music)
  2. Free multi-use music player (user)
  3. Originals & Strict Dance Tempo (music)
  4. Monthly new tracks added (hits & golden oldies) (music)
  5. Price: cheaper than buying 13 CDs a year
  6. All music is categorized by Dance/BPM/Style/Level and more (music)
  7. Pre-made Playlists & User playlists (playlists)
  8. Sharing Playlists with other users and via Social Media (playlists)
  9. All Popular Dances (Dance)
  10. Multi USER memberships (Multiple Devices) (user)
  11. Off-line emergency possibilities (user)
  12. Remote control App (user)
  13. Music Statistics; Best track/Most played Dance/Popular by region (user)
  14. Connection with other dance pro’s Teachers/Studio’s/Dance federations world-wide(user)
  15. Music is always backed up (safety)
  16. Future Proof (replacement for CD and Downloads)
  17. Mobile (user)
  18. Extensive rating system available (user)
  19. Free Software up-dates
  20. All music is legal (music)


Music4Dance is your total music solution!