Remote App

Staying on the dance floor with your students all lesson long improves your service to your students. Quickly repeating the track or playing a new accelerated track is what makes people dance. By using your remote control app on your smartphone or tablet you can stay on the floor with your students, and quickly providing the music that keeps them moving.

Remote AppOn the couch at home or over a drink in a bar you can prepare your lesson and make the appropriate playlists. As long as there is an Internet connection available, via your remote control app, you can compile your playlists where ever you are.

Browsing the music is made easy. You have access to pre listen to 30 seconds soundbites, allowing plenty of time to choose songs that suit your taste or discover the golden oldies you have always been searching for.



  • Access to your music everywhere there is internet
  • Making playlists where ever you want
  • Browsing the collection made easy


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